Ranker Every year, there are eight or nine different movies nominated for the most prestigious award in film: the Academy Award for Best Picture. And each year, that list of eight or nine nominees is something of a mixed bag for everyday movie fans. There are high-minded independent movies that wow critics, but bore audiences; there are also crowd-pleasers that make tons at the box office, but have reviewers rolling their eyes. And every year, there’s plenty of ink spilled (and money spent) trying to predict which side of that spectrum will end up being favored by the Academy.


Ranker knows how real movie fans feel about these nominees better than anyone. Thousands of readers have cast their votes for the year’s best films, which gives us tremendous insight into which ones are most popular, who likes each nominee best, and even which movies has the best chance of winning it all at the end of the night. Read on to find out how movie fans feel about each of this year’s nine nominees (listed below in alphabetical order), and to see who we predict will ultimately take home Oscar gold.


This WWI epic from Skyfall director Sam Mendes is ranked #8 on our list of “The Best Movies of 2019,” third among Best Picture nominees on that list. Interestingly enough, though, 1917 tends to do even better on more specific 2019 lists. It’s #1 on both the list of the year’s Best Period Films and our 2019 Best Movies Based on True Events list. Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood is behind 1917 on both these lists, despite being ranked higher (#6) on the overall 2019 list.

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Ford v. Ferrari

Despite its A-list stars, Matt Damon and Christian Bale (the latter of which is our #3 Best Actor Working Today), Ford vs. Ferrari sits relatively low on our list of the year’s best movies at #35, eighth place among the nine nominees. It does better on less competitive lists like The Best Date Movies Out Now, where it’s #13, or The Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2019, where it ranks at #19. Still, it’s low on genre-specific lists focused on movies about cars or racing, and it’s currently dead last on the list of Best Matt Damon Movies. Whatever the Academy might think of Ford v. Ferrari, it’s just not a major hit among the film fanatics who read Ranker.

The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s 3.5-hour-long historical epic The Irishman was a critical smash hit, netting an impressive 96% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes. For Ranker readers, it’s somewhere in the middle of all the great movies made this year — it’s #16 on our 2019 movies list, sitting in 5th place among Best Picture nominees. It’s also somewhere close to halfway down the list of all Martin Scorsese’s movies (#21 of 37) and the list of best collaborations between Scorsese and Robert De Niro (#5 of 10).

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Joker is far and away the favorite nominee among Ranker’s readers. It’s their number two pick for Best Movie of 2019 behind Avengers: Endgame, though both of them have taken turns at the top of this highly competitive list since Joker was released last October. It’s their number one favorite movie starring powerhouse actor Joaquin Phoenix. It’s even their fifth favorite date movie still out in theaters. (okay, we like the movie, too, but…are you guys okay?)

So who is it that loves Joker? Pretty much everyone but critics, it seems! (the movie has a so-so 69% Tomatometer score) It’s the #1 drama movie of 2019, the #1 thriller movie of 2019 — it even tops the list of best movies about stand-up comedians!