Every year multiple talk shows appear on television. Of these, just a few catch the fancy of the viewers, while many disappear without a trace. All that it takes to make a talk show popular is the charismatic personality of the host and his/her ability to keep the viewer hooked to their screens. Some talk show hosts such as Simi Garewal, Karan Johar, adman Suhel Seth have gained a huge fan base because of their witty and unique style of presentation. Here are some of the famous talk show hosts in India.

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Karan Johar

Karan Johar is a multifaceted personality. He has directed some of the mega-hits like ‘KuchKuchHotaHai’, ‘KabhieKhushiKabhieGham’, ‘My name is Khan’, ‘Student of the Year’, etc. Apart from this, Johar also hosts one of India’s most popular talk show, Koffee with Karan. First aired in 2004, the show has gone on becoming India’s longest-running talk show. What keeps the audience hooked is Karan Johar’s unique and entertaining style of interviewing celebrities. Over the years, the show has won numerous awards.

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Simi Garewal

Hosted by the Karz fame actress, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal was first aired in 1997. Elegantly dressed in white clothes, Simi Garewal would interview celebrities who often ended up revealing their secrets. It was among the most-watched talk shows with many just turning on their sets to have a glimpse of the sophisticated and elegant Simi Garewal.

Suhel Seth

Suhel Seth is an advertising professional, columnist, actor, and TV pandit all combined in one. The adman has created some of India’s finest ads which have left a deep impression on the viewer. But, when not busy conceiving an award-winning ad, Suhel Seth can be seen interviewing the high and mighty of the country. In his show titled Tough Talk with Suhel Seth, the adman has interviewed personalities ranging from Bollywood and cricket personalities to politicians and business honchos. 

Shekhar Suman 

Shekhar Suman definitely has a gift of the gab and this was seen in his popular talk show Movers and Shakers. Launched in 1997, the show became an instant hit as it struck the right chord with the viewers. The show beautifully blended entertainment with satire and comedy keeping the audience hooked to their television sets. Every episode was unique and would feature personalities from all walks of life. 

These are just a few of the talk show hosts who have left a deep impact on the Indian viewer with their witty, unique and highly entertaining way of interviewing celebrities.