It traditionally begins in May – married the wedding season . And even if everything is a bit different this year and many weddings have to be postponed , the current situation can in no way take away from us: the anticipation for the big day.


 For those who are about to have their own wedding, organize a hen party, or just love the fresh color white, there are now new, limited must-haves from the VOGUE Collection.

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The White Edition of our VOGUE Collection is here!

Even if there are more and more stylistic experiments (keyword: black wedding dress ), white will always remain the color of the wedding. There are no limits to the imagination of how to wear it. Have you ever thought about getting married in a t-shirt or sweater? It’s not as absurd as it sounds at first. After all , when she gave Johannes Huebl the yes word in 2014 , Olivia Palermo also chose a Carolina Herrera tulle skirt for a simple, cream-colored cashmere sweater. A look that looked relaxed and fresh – and revealed a lot about the personality of the wearer.

Whether you want to say yes or not in a casual look – at the latest on the evening of the wedding, when the temperatures get cooler, or the next morning, when the many glasses of champagne in the form of a headache are noticeable, there is nothing better than crawling into a cozy hoodie or sweatshirt.

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The perfect choice for fashion-conscious brides’ parties

But the White Collection is not only a good choice on the wedding day itself. You are a bride who loves fashion and that should be clear in every situation – of course also at your hen party? Or are you organizing a party for a style-conscious bride and all her friends on the eve of the wedding? Why not dress the entire group in the white statement pieces from the VOGUE Collection? Discover the styles now at !