Deepika Padukone There are two kinds of travellers in the world: ones that put in as much effort into their airport looks as they now do in their #SelfQuarantine outfits — yes, we’re talking baggy sweats (stains, acceptable) and puffy eyes that no jelly patch can save. The other category belongs to the Deepika Padukones of the world — prim, poised and you-almost-want-to-hate-her put-together.

Deepika Padukone

As dedicated Deepika Padukone fans, we’ll admit that the actress is an all-round happy girl. But it’s hard to miss the particularly good spirits that grips her right before take-off. Not a pursed lip or pretending-to-look-into-my-phone ploy in sight. Padukone would rather knock back her lioness mane for a full-throttle laugh or flash those pearly whites like it’s the best day of her life. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s the memes she was scrolling through just before walking out of arrivals hall. Your guess is as good as ours.

And there’s the wardrobe that would be more at home, front row at a fashion show than the airport ones – a coffee brown turtleneck and an almond trench coat with cut-out sleeves for a lesson in tonal colour blocking. Or grey separates with tortoiseshell sunnies and tan accessories to channel her inner Jackie O. Other essentials? Nike track suits, Louis Vuitton carry-ons  and Off-White sneakers. Because Padukone is more glamorous than your average jet-setter, and her OOTDs including boiler suits, denim-on-denim, leather pants and thigh-high boots are meant to lay any lingering doubts to rest. Add to that tinted sunglasses to keep that mysterious movie star allure intact.

On season six of Koffee With Karan back in 2018, a giggly Padukone confessed that she “tolerates” Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense during the rapid-fire round. That was then. Singh has rubbed off on his wife ever since, if her recent avant-garde airport looks are anything to go by. Remember the striped baggy denims and satin pussybow top layered with an oversized coral sweater that Padukone wore to catch a flight to Lucknow on her birthday? Doting husband Singh matched steps in a light-washed blue look to match hers, topped off with a Gucci trench and cap. And there was that time when his neon orange and blue sneakers matched her melon crop top and blue jeans combo.

Looking like you stepped off a magazine cover even at the airport is probably part of the job description when you’re a global superstar. We get it. But we still have so many questions. Is she not cold in those cycling shorts because that tiny belt bag sure isn’t fitting in a shawl? How is her tee always knotted to such perfection? Is there a secret to keep creases at bay? Do the hoops get tangled in the earphones? How does her all-white look not have any ketchup stains? What is her in-flight skincare routine? Did she airwrap her curls or slick back her bun in the airport lounge or is she #TooBlessedToBeStressed about such plebian hair woes? We’re hoping Padukone will oblige us curious cats in episode 6, season 1 of her ‘Productivity in the time of COVID-19’ series. We’re already tuned in.