Successful Now more than ever, entrepreneurship seems to be the métier of the future. Self-help aisles in bookstores across the world are filled with titles that promise to unlock your potential as a successful entrepreneur. Podcasts and videos on the subject generate millions of listeners and views every day. It seems that people are searching for the secret formula, the recipe for startup success.


Clayton Morris

Clayton Morris left his successful show on Fox News Channel, consequently gaining financial freedom. As quoted in an interview, being able to find endurance and confidence in his finances had always been his dream since he was a kid. At the age of just 13, Clayton saw his dad unexpectedly lose his job. Since then, he developed a fear about money (or the lack of it) and realized that there had to be a more entrepreneurial way of creating wealth. By the age of 40,

Clayton had ascertained as much income as he was making in his 9 to 5 job. He then decided to resign his job and never glance back. He started the Financial Freedom Academy to help others learn what he knew. Through his venture, Clayton now dedicates himself to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom, too, applying the methods he had to learn the laborious way. After facing a lot of failures, he finally learned to lead a significant, meaningful life and frequently likes to share about his journey through his podcast.

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Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown is a successful entrepreneur, who has built three multi-million dollar businesses in his career spanning more than25 years of experience and expertise. After growing his last business to over $80 million a year in sales and selling it in 2016, Dennis then shifted his focus from building his own businesses to coaching thousands of business owners to help them gain rapid growth in their own ventures. He is extremely passionate about supporting and guiding his clients to accomplish their goals.

He now concentrates on assisting B2B companies to get more leads, clients, and sales by making use of his proven growth strategies. He has written for Huffington Post, Influencive, and a mixture of other extraordinary biography blogs and has been starred on several trades, marketing, growth, and other similar podcasts. Dennis is also one of the hosts of the top-ranked retailing and entrepreneur podcast called Growth Experts.

Cody Alt

Born in the town of 30 people in Montana, Cody Alt is a successful entrepreneur. He has tried his hand in everything – from Crude Oil to Fitness – and currently hasone of the largest brands of CBD. Cody Alt considers in staying far away from negative energy as much as possible and as near as possible to like-minded people. One of his brands (PureKana) just got procured recently, and now he will make his company public on the Nasdaq in February of 2020. His journey is only starting, but it seems to be “so far so good.”

Larry Ellison

Oracle Corporation is a software company co-founded by Larry Ellison. Lawrence Ellison is an investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. When he was working at Ampex in the early 1970s, he became inspired by Edgar F. Codd’s research on relational database design, which commenced in 1977 to the formation of what became Oracle. Oracle became a successful database merchant formed- and low-range systems, competing with Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server, which led to Ellison being noted by Forbes as one of the richest men in the world.

Bhavish Aggarwal

The 29-year-old IIT–B Grad named Bhavish Aggarwal is the organizer and CEO of India’s most notable Cab Service, OlaCabs. More famously known as Ola, OlaCabs is much the same as some other commercially successful internet giantson the web, however, more explicitly into providing Taxi management.

Ola, which started of as an online taxi aggregator in Mumbai, presently headquartered in Bangalore (also known as the Silicon Valley of India), and is India’s cherished unicorn (having turnover more than $1B). Furthermore, the company is known to be one of the most actively and aggressively growing organizations in India, outplaying its competitors Uber and Meru.

Jen Horonjoff

Jen Horonjoff was a determined member of the sitting board of Medicinal Industry gatherings. She was a patient-oriented doctor. She figured out a lot of voices of the patients were unheard and made it her mission to solve this issue. With the help of Ronnie Sharp, she established Savvy Corporation in 2017. This gives a platform for patients with medical services organizations, research centres, new companies, and scientists anxious to contact them for centre gatherings, client testing, overviews, and one-on-one meetings.

In the main year, recognition “gigs” (as the commitments are called) gone from testing a wearable gadget model to taking part in a demographic surveying board on metastatic bosom malignant growth.

Marcia Kilgore

Marcia Kilgore has aced ladies’ organizers. The maker of Bliss Spa and Soap and Glory took on her most outstanding test with the dispatch of Beauty Pie. Most labels sell items at a 1,000 percent margin; Kilgore wanted to cut costs. So she designed pieces at top of the line labs and sold them at drugstore prices on account of direct sales, registration charges and no costly showcasing efforts.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is the Editor-In-Cheif of The Huffington Post. The mastermind behind the New York Times sensation The Sleep Revolution. Her latest venture is a health-related start-up called Thrive Global that is all about providing workshops and helping reduce stress in people’slives.

Adam Quinn

Adam Quinn is an entrepreneur who is best known for starting his businesses from scratch. He is also a business consultant for several companies. “Brightguest Technology” was a software company started by him and his brother in 2013. It was the first market text messaging which helped restaurants to inform people that their table is ready. He partnered with several labels and also helps famous YouTube starsin creating exciting viral content.

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a famous American media personality, and is a social media influencer who is quite popular amongst youngsters because she features on her family’s TV show called “Keeping Up With Kardashians.” Due to her worldwide fame, her company called Kylie Cosmetics has become a huge success story. At 22, Kylie Jenner also happens to be the youngest self-made billionaire.