Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing applications. You can see that the photo-sharing platform is growing with rapid speed. Now, almost 90 million users are using photo-sharing applications. Instagram is very important for business point of you. This application also plays very important role for interactions of small businesses. Here we are discussing some of the top benefits of Instagram for your business & marketing.


Update People on your latest promotions & Offers: You can time to time, share photos, updates, offers about your business. Just share the latest activities, events that are happening in your business- you can use photos of your products with some discounts, new collection, Instagram content & much more. Don’t forget to use the popular hashtags like #Discount, #Sale, #contest. It will be easier to find your compaign for users on Instagram. We advise you to visit the the most popular brands on Instagram. It will give you a better idea on how trendy & creative this app.

Market your products & services in creative ways: Instagram has a large number of advantages & one of them is the way it displays photos. A large number of options available in Instagram like editing & filter options, you can be as much creative as you can. Add your style to your photos. This will grab attention of the users to your photo on instagram. You’ll see how creative these can be you will get a positive response from users. They can also share to other social sites by liking it.

Demographic: Instagram connects people from all over the world to one another through creative images. And once you start using it, it will automatically open yourself up to a completely new demographic. For most most medium & small sized business owners, & of course, depending upon your potential audiences, this can be a good thing.

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Over 160 million people use Instagram, with 50 million of photos being uploaded every day Take advantage of most popular, incredibly large, active networks of the People.

Personal Touch: Personal touch means show your personality outside of your business. Like many other start up business owners, you may have emptied your savings, took a risk or gave up an office job to do what you love. But your customers don’t know that much about you. Instagram provides you the perfect opportunity to show your potential customers your personal side. By doing this you’ll not only make your business more personable, you’ll leave a best lasting impression on present & future customers.

Fuel your other Marketing channels: One of the best & important things about the content you develop in Instagram is that it can easily be shared across all your marketing channels. With the help of Instagram settings, you can enable social sharing to Twitter, Facebook, so that your pictures will share automatically when you post them o Instagram. If you are not ready to share your pictures on other networks right away, you can save your photo to your phone’s camera Roll & easily access them when you’re ready to post.

Be careful not full fill your posts with product pictures with the same caption asking people to “Shop Online” or “Buy Now”. Instead, look for something new & creative ways to display your products & let your images speak for themselves.